Jeffrey Nadel

Jeffrey Nadel, born in 1993, currently serves as the President and is the Founder of the National Youth Rights Associaton of Southeast Florida. At a young age, he became interested in civil rights and began combatting the injustices he faced on a daily basis. Eventually, his passion for civil rights evolved into a focussed dedication on youth rights. Nadel currently attends Saint Andrew's School and is primarily focussed on reducing Florida's voting age to 16.

Samantha Stern

Samantha Stern, the Vice Chairman and Director of Membership, currently a high-school sophomore, pursues each facet of the youth rights movement with equal tenacity. She constantly looks at issues like unconstitutional youth curfews as an opportunity to work with both legislators and citizens to seek resolution.

Brian Diener

Brian Diener, a sophomore at Saint Andrews School, is currently serving as the Director of Communications of the NYRA of Southeast Florida. He has been a board member since the organization's inception. Brian has been involved in the Student Government at school and currently serves as his grade's representative. When not fighting for youth rights, Brian enjoys running, biking, rock climbing, backpacking, and mountaineering.

Zachary Goodman

Zachary Goodman, currently the organization's Vice President, is a dedicated individual who finds the adversity towards youth to be unconscionable. He often looks for injustices and, through fighting them, refutes the often stereotypical arguments against youth rights. Aside from NYRA, Zachary enjoys playing competitive golf.

Keira Nassetta

Keira Nassetta dutifully serves as NYRA of Southeast Florida's Secretary.

Ximena Sanchez

Ximena Sanchez was elected to the Board in June, 2008 and currently serves as Director of Fundraising.