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Who We Are

We are the National Youth Rights Association of Southeast Florida, Inc., a youth-led organization committed to defending the civil and human rights of young people in the United States through educating people about youth rights, working with public officials and empowering young people to work on their own behalf. We believe certain basic rights are intrinsic parts of American citizenship and transcend age or status limits. We are a group of students, neighbors, and friends who want to attain for the youth of America the rights that they deserve.

What We're Doing

We are committed to reducing the voting age to 16. We support any policy change that has the net effect of empowering young people to participate in the democratic process. Lowering the voting age is an idea whose time has come. As a chapter of the National Youth Rights Association, our intention is to work with legislators to reduce the voting age in the State of Florida to 16.

Why We're Doing It

Politicians make life-changing decisions every day. Those decisions will affect youth for much longer than they will affect adults. Yet, we have no voice. Youth pay over $10 billion in sales tax alone, every year, being taxed without representation. Youth are tried in criminal courts as adults and have to work under laws which they have no say in creating. We want change, and we want liberty! Un-mute the youth! We looked at all the Everwebinar Reviews to see how to combat this using web conferencing to reach our message to our youth of today. Our hope is to get our message in the hands of the People! Share our message and let us know suggestions or feedback to reach our goals